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I am not associated with the Republican National Central Committee, merely a life long Republican who feels that my party is going astray.

About three years ago, I had a conversation with a man about my age who is a minister in Kansas on weekends and a truck driver during the week. After some discussion, we were both in agreement that we were very dissatisfied with the direction and actions of our Republican Party. We felt that the leadership was less Republican and more Libertarian. We felt also that they were coming more and more under the control of the wealthy and big business interests and less interested in doing the job that we felt we sent our elected officials to Washington to do. They were growing more and more out of touch with the lower and middle economic classes which used to be known as "the silent majority". As he put it so well, "I didn't leave my party, my party left me". 

It seems to me that our party has developed a split personality. In essence, there are three main groups. The first and currently dominant group are people who seem to have little patriotism but they have a lot of interest in partisan politics, in essence they are "playing the game" of Washington politics. They also seem to have an attitude which I call "Neo-feudalism", a term I have been using for over 10 years as I began to see changes in our government. They appear to have a very arrogant, self-serving attitude with little regard for the well being of the masses or the future of this country. They are interested in little or no government regulation which allows them more and more to take advantage of the honesty and ignorance of we the people. They also want to cut their taxes or any other fees down to little or nothing and even though they have benefited the most from our wonderful, vivacious opportunistic society they have little interest in contributing back some of their bounty to help this country in its time of need. This group seems to be made up of mostly the well educated, professional people, members of the financial community and CEOs and management members of big business. They are aided and abetted by what I regard as the religious, lunatic fringe, those who are more interested in promoting their religious views about life and medicine and inflicting these views upon the rest of us. These people regard government as interfering in their seemingly predatory right to use their massive financial assets, not to improve our nation but to influence us through various media propaganda to vote in ways that are actually against the interests of the common man and in favor of themselves. They use the concept of the "big lie" to propagandize us into thinking that we are actually benefiting ourselves when in fact we are doing the exact opposite. Many of these people actually hold libertarian views about life, finance and politics. But they know that as Libertarians they would never get elected to any serious office. So like the wolf in sheep's clothing, they hide in the Republican Party and influence it, and us to their own ends.

The second group is the so called Tea Partiers. These people want change and improvement not only in our government but in the people that run our government and in our nation as a whole. I completly agree with them in their goals however, I have spoken to a number of every day working class Americans who are what I regard as "intellectually lazy". That is, they have a number of opinions about change but follishly listen to propogandists especially on the conservative media such as Fox News or Rush Limbaugh. These propogandists tell them what to think but seldom go into any kind of real details but use lies, half truths and out right ommisions of facts to vilify the oposition. These people spend little time and have little interest in actually knowing about our government, its finances or even the Boston Tea Party itself and why the patriots did what they did. The first group just loves to manipulate these people and the less than patriotic people that they have managed to elect into agmenting their point of view. Tea Partiers tipically support very low taxes, not realizing that its the first group's taxes that we are talking about and not the taxes of the middle class and below. They also think that they want much smaller government without realizing that so many of the discretionary programs that they are being told should be cut benefit the middle and lower classes. That for approximately every $100,000 of government budget cut, a government or other job is lost. They never think that when you cut the budget the way the ultra conservatives want to that what almost always get cut are programs such as road construction, public parks, various educational incentive programs, medical research, scientific research, agricultural programs, school lunches and on and on. Many of these programs were put in a long time ago by well meaning people to help build the nation as a whole and not just to improve the life style of the wealthier class. Say you cut the job of a Park Ranger. Now perhaps new benches do not get purchased and installed, sign posts are not refurgished, etc. On down the line other jobs such as the people who build the park benches and the truckers who deliver them are also lost. So for every $100,000 cut, often times several jobs are lost. Most Tea Partiers never consider the ramifications of the things they are blindly supporting.

The third group is probably the largest group. A group of primarily older people who remember when people such as Ted Kennedy and John McCain could get together in bi-partisan cooperation and actually do the work that we elected them to do. These people actually remembered that our elected representatives took an oath of office to support the Constitution, the welfare of the people of the United States, and to represent faithfully the wishes and views of the people who elected them. As recently as the 90s, cooperation between the parties was still evident and it was this bi-partisan cooperation and constructive attitude that more than anything else lead to the best economic times in the last half century. But when George W and Dick Chaney and their supporters took over our government a lot of things changed. One of them was the so called the Patriot Act which is very unpatriotic and allows government to spy on anyone usually without a judge's order, so long as they could claim it was for national security. HA! It seems to us old fashioned Republicans that our party was to protect our privacy not rip it open to prying eyes. Another change was that Republicans typically have said for decades that the liberals were the "tax and spend" party who seem to have little regard for the actual cost of the things they wanted to spend our tax money on and there was some truth to that. But George W and his ultra conservative Republican supporters from group one began a new policy of "cut taxes but spend anyway". A large inflation in the military budget combined with an illegal, unnecessary and extremely expensive war in Irac cost us tax payers untold hundreds of billions of dollars, and began to reverse the trend of having a low government deficit and started us on the climb to the massive deficits that we see today. Another example of this is Medicare part D drug benefit which does benefit seniors to make it easier to get drugs. However they agreed to pay the drug companies nearly full retail prices when any decent store like Wal-mart or HMO gets a discount. Why didn't we the American People get a discount? They did not fully fund this program so it is one of the reasons Medicare has become a large part of our budget deficit. Did any of the conservative talk show hosts explain this? As a disgusted old fashioned Republican it seems to me that our party used to be the party of fiscal responsibility, privacy, ethics and patriotism. Many of us in this group feel that the Republicans of today cannot admit what a terrible job the George W Bush administration did. So they spend their time obstructing the progress of efforts to solve our national problems with the primary goal to discredit the other party and the president, and appear to be willing to continue this until the next election with the sole primary goal of getting our sick and demented party back into power.

Ask yourself, when Mitt Romney and several of the other potential candidates keep saying “ When I am president, I will create jobs, I will fix our deficit” etc. etc. why aren't they working with the other party NOW when it is absolutely necessary to save so many of our citizens from financial disaster. Think about this: I am writing this in mid August of 2011. The election is not until November of 2012. The new president does not take office until January of 2013. Most new administrations take at least 6 months to become established and to get things done. THATS 2 YEARS FROM NOW!! Do these arrogant, self-centered SOBs think that the average person who has no job, may be loosing their job, their house is loosing value every day, and their retirement IRAs, Keoghs are loosing value almost minute by minute, CAN WAIT THAT LONG FOR HELP FROM THEIR GOVERNMENT??!! Do you begin to see why I am so depressed over the actions and/or inactions of the Republican leadership, let alone the ineptitude of our president and some of his Democratic supporters? My wife and I may only live another 10 or 15 years, but I have grown children and grandchildren. Do you? Think about it.

An Old Fashioned Republican

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